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We’ve assumed you

beyond your natural shifts and turns,

morphing historical perspective,

birthing ourselves into your river grace,

iron and metal bridged

across your girth,

wave against will.

Adaptable in a marketable world,

your iconic flow

no exception,

your pristine nature filled

with natives and intruders,

the lush natural and

the burden of the built,

from ambitious towers

to towering trees

to the tread of silence

near old wilderness.

You begin at the north,

the top,

and push your power south,

carrying all,

delivering in a democracy of spirit,

challenged, fierce then passive,

history glinting off your journeys,

truth remaining in your depths,

powering through the harbor,

your own story

obscured by ours.



First published in THE WRITING DISORDER Summer 2015


Published in the ORANGE SULLIVAN JOURNAL October 2015

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