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July 1979  

Poem “Metropolitan Fault” accepted (10 cents per line!) in Carousel Quarterly of




Poem “Departure I: Limbo” accepted in Valhalla Magazine



Published “Beachwalk” in New Scribes Magazine


June 1984 

A paid article on starting a small press/publishing company in Small Press Magazine


June 1985 

Poems accepted by New Leaves magazine per Ron Kolm of the famed St. Mark’s

Poetry Series


Spring 1986  

Reprint of my article on starting a small press in a book for The Foundation Center.  The Foundation Center is a 501 nonprofit organization headquartered in New York City. The Center’s stated mission is "to strengthen the social sector by advancing knowledge about philanthropy in the U.S. and around the world."


Summer 1986 

My poem “Immigrants” was chosen with 15 others for a PEN Women’s Anthology

(from among hundreds of submissions) to be presented to President and Mrs.

Reagan at a White House ceremony for Liberty Weekend.

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